Real life stories


1) People forced to desert homes due to ill effects suffered, following the erection of an Iburst Broadband mast in Craigavon, Johannesburg, South Africa.

2) The result of carrying a cellphone on your body

3) Broadband tower sparks outrage in community

4) Story_Of_Alwyn_Lewies.pdf

5) Michelle’s story - Letter to Ministers


1) Woman feels the waves
Claims exposure to wireless radiation affects her health

2) A lady living in an apartment block with cell antennae has to desert home – Canada – legal action taken. read more

3) A Beautiful Prison.pdf

4) My experience with WiFi by Steve Miller aka Afterlife

Worldwide letters of concern

Pulse-modulated microwave emissions from masts and mobile phones

Since residents and their pets - 2 got cancer - in my village suffered many symptoms immediately on activation of a phone mast near their homes, I have been studying the reason for the symptoms! Finally, after getting help from Barrie Trower an expert on microwaves and Andrew Goldsworthy- expert on human biology, I know what is causing damage to human health and our whole environment! Read more