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09.05.2016 Health and Electromagnetic Radiation Research Survey.

The following survey has been developed by leading scientists interested in the field of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) to try and discover if there is an effect on human health from exposure to EMR. EMR occurs as a natural phenomenon but it is also artificially emitted by technologies which transmit voice and data that do not use cabling such as mobile phone and Wi-Fi communication devices and networks.

If you choose to participate in the online survey it should take just under 15 minutes to complete. While completing the survey you will find that multiple symptoms are listed but please note that these may or may not indicate Hypersensitivity to Electromagnetic Radiation (EHS). EHS is difficult to diagnose and if you respond ‘yes’ to a number of questions this does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from EHS. If you become concerned about your health as a result of your answers to the survey please contact your general practitioner or contact us directly at

All respondent information is collected anonymously however should you be willing to participate in further research or if you are a healthcare practitioner interested in this field of research please provide your name and a contact number or email address at the end of the survey.

To complete the survey please go to EMRRFSA Health Research Survey

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