FAA Warns Las Vegas Air Force Base, Pilots & Drivers 4G May Jam GPS

Starting Monday, broadband developer LightSquared will start testing its planned 4G speed wireless network in the Las Vegas area. The test will run after midnight for several hours for 10 days, and if it works, Las Vegas could become one of the first U.S. cities to get on a super-high speed Internet grid that’s independent of any particular service provider.

But if it fails, government agencies warn that it could compromise or even black out the GPS systems in the area, rendering temporarily useless everything from your car’s navigator to the systems that allow airplanes to come in for a safe landing.Keep reading

4G TV interference: Up to a million homes ‘need filters’

Almost a million UK homes will need to have filters installed to prevent TV interference from 4G mobile signals - at a cost of £108m. Keep reading

Position Paper on Interference in C-band by Terrestrial Wireless Applications to Satellite Applications

National administrations should recognize the potential for massive disruptions to C band satellite communications, radar systems and domestic microwave links, if spectrum is inappropriately allocated to, and frequencies inappropriately assigned for, terrestrial wireless applications in the C-band (specifically 3.4 – 4.2 GHz).
Keep reading

Officials object to 4G phones pending data on health risks

The new technology is likely to increase the public’s overall exposure to radiation, the ministries explained, and therefore, further study of the need and justification for this technology is required. Keep reading

iPhone Radiation – New Dangers of 3G/4G Wireless Technology

When you go to purchase a new cell phone, most likely you are looking at the various features and style of the phone. Unfortunately, what most people tend to overlook when choosing this new device is phone radiation. iphone radiation is a very important factor as you can develop health issues for usage. The FCC requires that this information be published in a database, but many do not even know what this database is or where to find it. If they happen to stumble across it, they may not know what a SAR rating is and why it is so important. Keep reading