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Landmark judgement in Italy on the health effects of mobile phones

Italy: a landmark judgment requires the state to inform the population of the health risks due to mobile phones
Equipe PhoneGate 18 Jan 2019 Legal News

This decision of the Administrative Court of Rome is historic. It orders the Italian government to create a national information campaign on the health risks associated with the use of mobile phones.

Following the announcement by the Italian government that it was not appealing against his conviction, the judgment published on 13 November 2018 was widely reported by the transalpine media:

“It is therefore necessary to declare the obligation of the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, University and Research, each for its own area of competence, to ensure, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 10 of Law No. 36/2001, the adoption of an information campaign, addressed to the entire population, concerning the identification of correct methods of use of mobile telephone devices (cellular and wireless phones) and information on the health and environmental risks related to the misuse of these devices.

The above-mentioned information and environmental education campaign must be implemented within six months of the earlier of the notification or administrative communication of this judgment, using the most appropriate means of communication to ensure wide dissemination of the information contained therein.

We owe this tremendous progress to the action of Professor Angelo Levis and the “A.P.P.P.L.E.” association – (www.applelettrosmog.it) chaired by Laura Masiero and their lawyers: Renato Ambrosio, Stefano Bertone, Chiara Ghibaudo, Luigi Angeletti – Ambrosio & Commodo, Turin. In their arguments, they relied, among other things, on OPEN DATA data concerning the results of the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) tests on more than 500 mobile phones published as part of the Phonegate industrial and health scandal. This was confirmed to us by email last night, Master Stéfano Bertone.

For Dr. Arazi, President of Alert Phonegate:

“We hope that this Italian decision will, both at European and international level, set an example for the implementation of campaigns to protect the health of mobile phone users. It is essential that public authorities and manufacturers take the train of good resolutions in 2019. Especially at a time when the Phonegate scandal shows that manufacturers have knowingly misled all users by exposing them well beyond the limits not to be exceeded.

On Friday, January 25, 2019, at 10 a.m., we will be received at the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition by the head of the department of health risks related to the environment, waste and diffuse pollution at the General Directorate for Risk Prevention. The above-mentioned judgment will of course be part of the agenda that we will propose to our interlocutor.

With this decision, Italy is one of the leading European countries in protecting the public health of mobile phone users. It should be recalled that on 26 November 2018, the national television station RAI 3 broadcast a documentary from the investigative programme Report on mobile telephone waves. The Italian journalist Lucina Paternasi devoted a significant part of her time to the Phonegate scandal.

Courtesy of Alert Phone Gate

American Academy of Pediatrics Issues Recommendations

to “Reduce Exposure to Cell Phones”

In response to the U.S. National Toxicology Program study results finding exposure to wireless radiation significantly increased the prevalence of highly malignant heart and brain cancers in rodents, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued specific recommendations to reduce wireless cell phone exposure and updated their online resources for parents concerning cell phones and all wireless devices.

“They’re not toys. They have radiation that is emitted from them and the more we can keep it off the body and use (the phone) in other ways, it will be safer,” said Jennifer A. Lowry, M.D., FAACT, FAAP, chair of the AAP Council on Environmental Health Executive Committee in the AAPs press release on the NTP Study Results.

“The findings of brain tumors (gliomas) and malignant schwann cell tumors of the heart in the NTP study, as well as DNA damage in brain cells, present a major public health concern because these occurred in the same types of cells that have been reported to develop into tumors in epidemiological studies of adult cell phone users,” stated Ronald L. Melnick, PhD, the National Institutes of Health toxicologist who lead the NTP study design and senior advisor to the Environmental Health Trust. “For children the cancer risks may be greater than that for adults because of greater penetration and absorption of cell phone radiation in the brains of children and because the developing nervous system of children is more susceptible to tissue-damaging agents. Based on this new information, regulatory agencies need to make strong recommendations for consumers to take precautionary measures and avoid close contact with their cell phones, and especially limit or avoid use of cell phones by children.”

The AAP has updated their Healthy Children Webpage on Cell Phones entitled Cell Phone Radiation & Children’s Health: What Parents Need to Know. The webpage reiterated children’s unique vulnerability to cell phone radiation stating, “Another problem is that the cell phone radiation test used by the FCC is based on the devices’ possible effect on large adults—not children. Children’s skulls are thinner and can absorb more radiation.”

The AAP issued the following cell phone safety tips specifically to reduce exposure to wireless radiation:
(Please remember land-lines and hard-wired computers should be the first choice for children and teens)
Use text messaging when possible, and use cell phones in speaker mode or with the use of hands-free kits.
When talking on the cell phone, try holding it an inch or more away from your head.
Make only short or essential calls on cell phones.
Avoid carrying your phone against the body like in a pocket, sock, or bra. Cell phone manufacturers can’t guarantee that the amount of radiation you’re absorbing will be at a safe level.
Do not talk on the phone or text while driving. This increases the risk of automobile crashes.
Exercise caution when using a phone or texting while walking or performing other activities. “Distracted walking” injuries are also on the rise.
If you plan to watch a movie on your device, download it first, then switch to airplane mode while you watch in order to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure.
Keep an eye on your signal strength (i.e. how many bars you have). The weaker your cell signal, the harder your phone has to work and the more radiation it gives off. It’s better to wait until you have a stronger signal before using your device.
Avoid making calls in cars, elevators, trains, and buses. The cell phone works harder to get a signal through metal, so the power level increases.
Remember that cell phones are not toys or teething items.
“Even though the cell phone manual contains specific instructions that say do not carry the phone next to the body, the US government does not publicize this information nor mandate companies inform the public, leaving most people unaware of potential hazards, unwittingly allowing their young children to play with them like toys,” stated Devra Davis MPH, PhD, president of the Environmental Health Trust pointing to the Berkeley Cell Phone Right To Know Ordinance being challenged in court this month.

In 2012, the AAP published Pediatric Environmental Health, 3rd Edition recommending, “exposures can be reduced by encouraging children to use text messaging when possible, make only short and essential calls on cellular phones, use hands free kits and wired headsets and maintain the cellular phone an inch or more away from the head.”

Since 2012, the AAP has supported the Federal Cell Phone Right to Know Legislation and has written letters to the FCC calling on the federal government to review and strengthen radiation standards for wireless devices in an effort to protect children’s health.

(Download PDF) or click here to continue reading

Mobile phones and children’s health: Experts call for retraction of a biased scientific paper

The International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is a self-appointed body that sets the safety guidelines used by the World Health Organisation to cover all radiation from electrical and electronic apparatus, including power lines, smartphones, wifi, and telecoms masts.

ICNIRP is currently meeting in Cape Town to decide, among other things, whether there is any evidence that children are at higher risk from this radiation. ICNIRP has not revised its radiation safety guidelines since 1998, completely ignoring the vast proliferation of wireless technologies since then, including the widespread use of mobile phones by children.

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France Passes New National Law!

  • WIFI Banned in Nursery Schools.
  • National Radiofrequency Agency Established
  • Cell Phones Labeled with SAR Values and Ways to Lower Radiation
  • WiFi Routers Turned Off in Elementary Schools Except When Needed
  • Cell Phone Ads Must Recommend Phones be Held Away From the Head
  • Location of Wireless Routers Must be Posted
  • Government Report To Be Prepared on Electro-hypersensitivity

Download link: france_passes_new_national_law.pdf

The BabySafe Project is a new, public awareness initiative designed to inform women about the risks of wireless radiation in pregnancy and offers 10 ways to reduce wireless exposure – including sleeping as far away as possible from wireless Smart Meters (better still: get them removed).

The BabySafe Project focuses on the threat to pregnant mothers and their unborn. Their “Joint Statement on Pregnancy and Wireless Radiation” was signed off on by 44 physicians and scientists from 13 nations, and by 13 educators who have studied wireless radiation health effects. Most importantly they have outlined 10 ways to reduce wireless exposure.

Visit their website to find out more.

Download the BabySafe Project Booklet: What you need to know about Wireless Radiation and your Baby 266K

Health and Electromagnetic Radiation Research Survey.

Leading Scientists interested in the field of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) have developed an online questionnaire to investigate the possible health implications of exposure to EMR. To find out more visit our Health Questionnaires Page or follow this link to go directly to the survey - EMRRFSA Health Research Survey

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Protection tips for you and your children

1) Children should only use cell phones in the event of an emergency (Russia recommends no under 18’s and the UK recommends no U16’s)
2) Do not place a mobile phone on your body or against your head whilst it is switched on
3) Use your cell phone on loud speaker away from your head
4) Do not use a mobile phone in enclosed metal spaces such as trains, vehicles or elevators
5) Pregnant women should highly restrict their use of cell phones and not work in Wi-Fi environments.
6) Use a wired ADSL line for internet instead of Wi-Fi/ WiMax. Do not use routers to broadcast the signal throughout your home. Plug directly in.
7) Avoid Wi-Fi hotspots, especially when accompanied by children
8) Avoid DECT phones (portable), baby monitors and standing near microwave ovens when in use.
9) Avoid choosing a home near cell /broadband masts, electric pylons and sub stations.
10) Do not have your cell phone next to your bed. Switch it off at night or place it in another room/ passage.
11) Holiday in non-Wi-Fi hotels and hotels that do not have cell antennae on the roof or near the resort.
12) Ensure your child’s school does not have Wi-Fi or a cell mast. Hardwired internet through ADSL is the safer option (with no routers in the classroom).
13) Children should have limited time on game consoles. Select consoles that come with wired controllers over wireless controllers.
14) Do not sign on for wireless telephone systems. Insist on a cabled landline.
15) Do not buy compact fluorescent bulbs as they emit high frequency transients – keep using incandescent or buy CLEDs.
16) Do not agree to a cell/ Broadband mast on or near your property.
17) Never complain about the poor reception on your cell phone